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Location Details

Opening a Just Cuts hair salon in Hastings, New Zealand, presents a promising business opportunity for several reasons:

  1. Growing Population: With around 78,200 residents (2018 census), Hastings offers a substantial customer base for hairdressing services, which is expected to grow further over time.

  2. Diverse Demographics: Hastings boasts a diverse population providing ample opportunities for Just Cuts to cater to a wide range of hair care needs.

  3. Limited Competition: Despite existing salons, Just Cuts can stand out with its walk-in model, emphasis on Style Cuts, and affordable prices, attracting clients seeking convenience and quality service.

  4. Tourism and Events: Situated in the Hawke's Bay region, renowned for its wine industry and cultural events, Hastings attracts tourists who may require hairdressing services. Local events also offer exposure and potential foot traffic for the salon.

  5. Strong Local Economy: Supported by agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, and retail, Hastings residents have disposable income, driving demand for personal grooming services like haircuts.

About the Opportunity

Hastings presents a favorable environment for establishing a Just Cuts hair salon, with its growing population, diverse demographics, limited competition, tourism opportunities, strong economy, and potential for community engagement. With the right location, marketing strategy, and operational excellence, a Just Cuts salon in Hastings can thrive and become a preferred destination for quality hairdressing services.